Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jack-El-Ass (Only Arabic Readers Will Get This)

**I apologize in advance, I know my writing is horrible these days, but just bear with.**

As you all know, I've been in the midst of a bout of writer's block mixed in with a touch of melancholy. I'm either upset, bored or stressed. There's no middle ground, not these days. However, this is isn't going to be another piece that sees me complain about my life when I have far too much to be grateful for... So, we shall move on. Okay? Okay.

After I wrapped up what was another pleasant-enough day at KU, I headed off to one of the buildings while I waite for my driver to show up. I don't remember why I was walking in that general direction, but I think I'm dehydrated right now, so I'm sure my reason at the time was valid. Whatever. 

I walk into the building and I see the following:


No, I did not stage this.

I was rather impressed with this booth.

I honestly don't know what they were selling here.

I Instagram-ed this bad boy. Photoshop who?

Business card picked up at the fair, dropped off in grass. #InstagramFTW

As you can see, the Faculty of Science at KU had organized a little fair for this fine Tuesday. The theme was all about showing off local talent. 

What's the first thing I do? Take pictures and make fun of it on Twitter. 

Had I actually taken a moment and actually opened my eyes, I would have seen what a great job these guys did organizing this event. Here was this beautiful, well done and interesting expo and all I could think of was witty (read: stupid) one-liners.  

I have become a bigot.

I don't even know what to say. I've never pretended to be perfect, but for a while there I thought that I had some good values and sound principles. Man, was I in denial.

Anyways, I just wanted to share these pictures and show you that KU can surprise you every now and then.

Oh, and the last typewriter manufacturer closed shop today.


PS - Writing this was painful. My writer's block seems like it's here to stay.
PPS - Suck it Handasa...  Science owned your asses with this expo.


  1. Mehh youre not exactly a bigot you just went thru a phase albeit it was bigoted. Btw is that an angry birdss ipad case??

    PS I read an article in the atlantic claiming that there still is a company selling typewriters.

    PPS I hate how people ignore the oxford comma (which also happens to be a good song).


  2. I think it is. I can't for the life of me understand the obsession with"Angry Birds".

    PS - Really? Huh, just goes to show you nothing is ever really gone.

    PPS - I'll check out the song.

  3. We all have a writer's block every now and then, just bear!

    As for the expo, I think after seeing so many failed projects in K-Town we tend to really prejudge the good ones as "bad". So i think it's totally normal you said that!

    Girl, you ROCK! You're not a bigot whatsoever.