Monday, February 14, 2011

V Day

For those who don't know, this is a condom. I understand SexEd isn't big in Kuwait.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I know there are a few of you out there who are either:
  1. Lonely 
  2. Lonely & Bitter
  3. Lonely & Bitter & Married
  4. Getting some tonight
(If you're one of the people who fall under the fourth point, don't forget to buy flowers on your way home, lest you find yourself in the third circle of despair).

Like a beautiful set of crisp sheets, let's cast humor aside for today. Today... it seems to be hitting a nerve with many people. A day set aside for love, mainly by corporate big-wigs and candy manufacturers who adore a spike in their early first quarter profits. In short? Valentine's day has less to do about the worth of your significant other, and more to do with worthless (not to mention, ultimately meaningless) junk sold at criminally over-priced rates. 


What's even more frustrating and confusing is the social structure in the Middle East. In this region, people live (or at least they try to). Among these "people", you have the youth. Now the youth, being their usual reckless selves, will at some point discover the opposite (or same) sex (this is a gay friendly blog, all love is recognized). Some might even be lucky enough to fall in love. However, love in the Middle East comes with a great deal of fine print. At last check, the following requirments were necessary prerequisites for baby-making:
  • Mate must be of same religion - This rule is flexible for men, but once again Islam leaves women wanting more.  
  • Same sect is usually a must, however in some cases merely preferable - Even if those crazy kids end up getting hitched, familial tension is sure to ensue.
  • Mate should be from a good "pure" family whose roots can be traced as far back as needed - Because if they don't know who and what you are, how are her great aunts supposed to accurately gossip about you?! 
  • Same tribe is also appreciated, but again, not entirely necessary - "Tribe" is used for lack of a more modern word, but it still holds true.
  • Mate should be of similiar, if not the same, nationality - Location, location, location. Kuwaiti marrying a Saudi? Doable. Kuwaiti marrying a Syrian? That's a toughie.
  • It would also be nice if you actually liked the person - This however, is not necessary in the least. 
I know that restrictions and limitations like these aren't strictly exclusive to the Middle East, but it is more complicated here. What with all the religious tension (one of the greatest roadblocks of young love), a very archaic approach to the maintenance of the current class system (however subtle is it), and all the confusion that comes with years of segregation... Well, most of you are screwed. 

To say the least. 

Wrapping it up for everyone's sake,


PS - What's your take on love, in the Middle East, or otherwise?


  1. im too bitter to comment

  2. Like my man Pac said, "Keep Ya Head Up". Whenever something doesn't work it out, it means there's something better out there.

  3. How about we all just ignore this day? Seriously, not acknowledging it might actually work. We could have our own day, something geeky like "Down with idiocy day" or we could celebrate science or something. All of the above is celebrated with chocolates and candy. (Flowers if you want, but they're stupid).

    P.S. I'm not high.

  4. Totally agree with you about the religion, sects, and subtle class system.

  5. Mark - Something geeky in lieu of something cheesy? You so are high. :p

    Ali - It's so frustrating, to say the least.

  6. man kuwaities just have to complicate the whole marriage thing, it's like they're buying a horse not a wife (technically it's all the same since the "better" the girls decent in the more money they want) our generation really should seriously shake things up a bit :)

  7. I gave up on marriage and love long ago. Archaic notions, at best. Nothing more.

    I agree though. Also, welcome to the blog!