Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There are always going to be those people who will forever live in the back of our minds (I'm thinking of charging a certain someone rent!), lurking in the shadows among all those taboo thoughts we keep hidden from the rest of the world. They're the "What ifs?". They remind us of all those times we were too shy to speak up, or too embarrassed to act. They're ships that have long sailed off to other seas, leaving us stranded on little islands of emotion. (Take note: I was never much of a swimmer).

The title of this song translates to 'Did He Mention Me?', and it's sung by the wonderful Egyptian singer, Angham. It was recommended by a friend with exquisite taste, and here I am still listening to it three days later. I'm not sure what it is about this song, but something about it really spoke to me. I suppose it's the way she wonders if he still feels the way he used to. Is it possible to stop feeling for people we loved, just like that? Do we ever really get over people? 

Me? I've met my fair share of characters, some memorable, some not so much. I've admired from afar, and charmed up close. Have I ever been in love? Not really.

I still haven't gotten over Kuwait.    

Pondering the past,


PS - Is there anyone (or anything) that is always in the back of your mind? Comments are below.


  1. I kind of teared up LOL.

    You're right! Yes, i do have someone always ALWAYS on my mind and i feel exactly like that lovely singer, yet i'm still afraid i'd come off as clingy if i ever talk to them. Nevertheless; social awkwardness has always been a specialty of mine therefore i don't even try anymore.

    You, my lady, are a mystery.. I mean anyone could simply fall in love with you! That should be a drive to do whatever you want and talk to whomever you want, be like "Regina George" minus the gossip! I'm just saying, it's odd for such a phenomenal girl to have "what ifs"..


  2. *Speechless* Oh Wahab, you're too awesome. Too awesome.

    It's nice to think that we can make anyone fall in love with us, but sometimes we're the ones that need convincing.

    Bonus points for the 'Mean Girls' reference. I love that movie!