Friday, February 4, 2011

Give & Take

Found scrawled on a table in KU months ago. I thought it was interesting.

Anyhow, today I've got quite a bit of love to share:
  • I was interviewed by the amazing Shelly, and you can read the exchange on his blog (which is pretty damn snazzy) here. It's basically the two of us having fun. Oh, and him being super kind and funny, and flattering, and intelligent...
  • I've received quite a bit of heartwarming feedback in regards to the blog from the best readers a kid can ask for and... Well, see for yourself. (The graph is a screen shot from my 'Stats' page).  
    You punks did this. Thank you.

    Thank you Kuwait. For a lot of things.

    Sighing 'til Saturday,


    PS - I lack inspiration on Fridays, so hang in there with me. 


    1. Seems interesting! I'm so glad to see the improvement and thank you so much for the compliments! I liked the photo at first!