Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sharing Is Caring

H did this for an art project!

 While sometimes my Mom thinks I spend far too much time and effort on my blog, as opposed to wasting my time working on KU related matters, I would have never discovered this brilliant form of escape if it was for my original partner in crime, H. (She totally took the initial thing from me!)

Close to a year ago, she so kindly invited to be a guest writer on her original blog, Obsessco, and I jumped at the chance. We had a lot of fun and certainly raised a few eyebrows, but as is life we both outgrew that stage of our foray into the blogosphere. After we parted ways, I made this blog, and she's got hoer own offering to give to the cyber community.

You can find her new blog, entitled 'The Hay Road', here.

If you like me or my blog, then you owe his woman a visit. Without her, I wouldn't have ever started this waste of time blog. She's brilliant, has great taste in movies and documentaries, and I'm excited to see what else she has up her sleeve.



  1. Fuck. I absolutely love this. Can i get a poster of this? A revolutionist made into commodity. Perfect.

  2. Go check out here blog, and ask her yourself. :p

  3. Dude he can have a thousand posters made of this as long as he gets an appreciates the point Im making I'll print the poster for him myself.

    I just got yelled at from having the poster in my room two days ago :p

    and S. I simply saw an undiscovered gem and decided to let "dazzle." I'm deeply humbled and flattered though :)