Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Formal Introductions

In a few months time, September to be accurate, I will begin my life as a student at Kuwait University. Before I begin my high-brow ramblings (an effort to document my freshman year), allow me to introduce the legend that will be.

Overtly opinionated, old enough to vote in any North American country and living my life in utter submission to the work of Larry David. That's me in a nutshell.
Raised by an amazing Kuwaiti father and a loving Syrian mother, Canada was where I spent my sunny childhood outdoors, unaware that I was, or rather am, a Kuwaiti. My family and I moved back to the old country around two years ago, and it's been quite the ride ever since.

The concept of this virtual diary is not to spend immense amounts of time critiquing Kuwait and it's culture, but rather to try and find a way of reconciling my Canadian upbringing, mindset and tendencies with a culture that is an inevitable part of who I am.

Heading out to pick up a tube of neon pink lipstick that seems to be all the rage round these parts,


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