Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I've Got A (Sick?) Obsession

(Go ahead, drum your fingers along to this know you love it.)

To quote Ke$ha, "I've got a sick obsession...". No, I'm not addicted to drawing on my face like the Pop princess. If I have markers in my hand, we all lose. What I mean to say is that these past two years have found me becoming obsessed with all things Kuwait. From the fashions, to the vernacular to the social "rituals" (Starbucks mating game...yeah, I know about that), Kuwait has me held captive with its buzzing fluorescent culture. The cherry on top of this situation must be how seamlessly the Kuwaiti youth have incorporated stereotypically North American tokens of Pop Culture and reinvented them as their own. Sheik Ray Ban anyone?
Myself, I'm a very dramatic figure, which is perhaps why I find myself fascinated with the overly trendy culture the general Kuwaiti youth identify with. With the neon accessories and matte phones, I find myself left with plenty to look at and analyze.

Buffing my Ray Bans to a royal shine,

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