Friday, July 30, 2010

I've Got A Bun In The Oven!


I could however explain to you in (utterly boring) detail the process with which bread is made. See, it's quite simple really, it's all about the fermentation process. The fluffy, light texture you're likely to associate with bread is directly linked to the production of carbon dioxide as the heat from an oven activates the yeast that is vital to this process...Bored yet?
I'll fill you in on a slice of my life before you throw me in an oven; today I got news that I have been accepted in KU into the Biology program! Really...the applause isn't necessary.
To make a long story short, I'm going to be attending KU for the next year, and if everything goes well, I'll be jetting off to Ireland next year to learn the art of healing. Expect many posts, pictures (with inappropriate captions, of course) and funny tales from what I hope is going to be an amazing, educational and all out fun year.

Sharpening my wit and dulling my senses,


PS - If you hear angry villagers, and see smoke and pitch-forks come September 26, don't'll just be my first day.

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