Friday, October 29, 2010

Foga/Ta7ta/Over It

Know the type?
In the Middle East, we like to do things if only to irritate certain members of said community. Certain Feminist members. Certain things like glorying the idiocy of male youth. We like to depict their lifestyles as exciting sand-drenched adventures that only add to their boyish appeal. Oh, their reckles ways, with their free days spent jet-skiing with their buddies, and having a barbeque later that night as they all gather round for laughs and good ol' fashioned uber-male talk of how many girls they've "scored". Suffice to say, I'm hardly amused.
MTV Arabia, a branch of the MTV family catered towards the Middle East, constantly glorify the bachelor lifestyle of young Khaleeji men. It disgusts me how they continually portray what is straight-up douchery as "innocent fun", classified under the "Boys will be boys" heading in society's bullshit manifesto. Another major aspect of this biased portrayal ofcan be found within the carbonated beverage industry: Barbican. Oh, yes. My paranoia knows no end. 
I'll end this post here, as I've decided to develop this into a series (one of several) aimed at exposing bias that I am sick of. I'll be picking up this one-sided conversation next week, and my first victim shall be the aforementioned beverage.

To quotes my first Pop love, Gwen Stefani, "I'll be happy for you, if you can be happy for me too". If you want to support their lifestyle and choices, fine. The least society could do is even the playing field and grant me the freedom to act like an idiot when I feel like it.

Oh, and the name of this series is "Taking the Pants Off Patriarchy". No, the applause isn't necessary...

Wishing they'd live and let others try,


PS - What part of society do you feel often get off too easily?


  1. thanks for spotting that for the rest of us, we usually fall short at noticing these little things, and western TV does have an influence in ME.. I love the sarcastic tone of your writing, waiting for the rest of the series!

  2. Thank you for being my FIRST follower. Never thought I'd see the day anyone would commit, but here we are. Your kind words humble me and fuel my fire, the series will go on!

  3. Once again, you fail to recognize the genius of this. Putting this stuff on TV is vital. We need to show people how douches and sluts act so as to NOT act like this. The sad thing is that ONLY douches and sluts watch so douchery begets more douchery.

  4. Bodie, I understand that exposing douchery for what it is and alerting the masses to this situation is important, but you're forgetting that all this type of marketing is doing is further promoting ridiculous stereotypes that marginalize a great deal of people, alienate, and suppress others. It's a vicious cycle and we need to put an end to it. We have to stand up and protest against this double standard that has spread like a disease through the world.

  5. I don't understand how MTV Arabia and the likes are still being watched by our lovely communities. We're in the 21st century, get a good internet connection already!

  6. Tell me about it. MTV Arabia is an entire channel designated to the sole purpose of inflating the already intolerable egos of Khaleeji men, particularly Saudis and Emaratis.
    I'll stick to Tina Fey and her genius that is 30 Rock any day.