Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Funny Because It's True. And Sad.

**Disclaimer: This a REAL conversation that ACTUALLY took place. You can't make this shit up unless you're an Arab version of Tina Fey.***

My Brother: "Where can I buy work-out gloves from? You know for weights and stuff.."
Me: "You should go to that huge sports supply store in Hawalli, what's it called? Oh! Naif's Sport Supply."
Brother: "You mean Nasser's Sport's Supply store?"
Me: "No, you're thinking of Nasser's Chicken. Sheesh, and you call yourself a Kuwaiti..." 

Packing my bags as we speak,


PS - I'm sick today, and therefore miserable, so if you read this comment and let me know how your life is worse than mine at the moment. If possible.


  1. I'm sick , I live alone , and I have to go to college everyday , cook my food , wash my clothes, clean my house ,, so ?
    I guess my life worse :P

  2. Well, since I'm over my flu, I certainly can't argue with that. But hey Nasser Chicken take-out for the win? :p