Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bros & Cons

Someday, I hope to see a world where we are all equal, regardless of gender. That can't always be said in Kuwait, but no worries because S. is here. I'm young, and painfully naive, but I've got big plans for us Kuwait.
Until then, I shall share with you a little story that I find amusing. Despite the painfully patriarchal set-up we have in Kuwait, there is a silver lining to being a woman here. At times. Case in point: It was a hot, sticky day in August of this year. I had to go to KU's Shuwaikh campus to register for my classes. At one end of the hall you have the women's entrance and at the other is the men's. In addition to picking my classes, I had some other paperwork to deal with and so I was taken to see someone who could help the other end of the hall. The men's end of the hall. I know.
I'm just pulling your tails, it was fine and there was hardly a difference...except that I was hit with a sudden headache due to the excess amount of cologne I had just inhaled. (Some of the Kuwaiti youth really need to familiarize themselves with the concept "Less is more"). After I had finished everything I needed to do, I decided it was time for me to get myself back home. Being my rebellious and occasionally lazy self, I decided to exit from the men's door. My Dad was walking in front of me, and led the way. When we reached the actual doors, he stopped because the area was congested with Kuwaiti guys eager to pick their classes and get out of there. I waited for about two minutes, produced a delicate little cough and watched as those dishdashas parted like the Red Sea to let me (and my Father) through. I was Moses. I was the chosen one. I was on my way home in five seconds flat.

Tell me if you have ever used/manipulated cultural aspects in regards to gender to get what you want. I won't judge you. I promise.

Pawning the silver lining,


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