Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mechanical Hearts

(I am really loving this song right now. So should you. Enjoy.)

You're very cute Kuwait. I like you, I think. I can't help myself. *Blushes*

When I first set foot in Kuwait's airport two years ago, the first thought that sprang into my head (Well, the second. The first was "Oh, they have a Cartier store here? How nice!") was "Two years, and then I'm outta here. Two years and then I'm back home!"
That was all fine and dandy until I woke up one day and realized that I was happy. Here. Yes, you read that correctly. Don't get me wrong, the bad often outweighs the good in Kuwait. The weight is evenly distributed between neon makeup and Bedazzled Hummers. The traffic is atrocious. Hawalli is an eyesore. There isn't always much to do, other than go out to a restaurant or bum it out with friends in a mall.
However, and I highly stress this point, there are some magnificent people in Kuwait. I've met some of the kindest, funniest, most outrageous people here. I'm lucky enough to call them friends, and even luckier that I decided to defrost my attitude enough to allow friendship to take root. Plus, the fact that having been raised in Canada has given me something of an "exotic" edge it just truly ironic. Canada is many things. Exotic is most definitely not one of them.

To wrap up this post, I want you to tell me about a spot in the world you've visited that turned out to be different than you imagined. I remember driving around Parisians suburbs and thinking that this was the farthest thing from glamorous. It was too much for me, and we hurriedly zoomed back to our hotel. Much glamorous fun was had that vacation.

Sighing somewhere in a galaxy far,


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  1. Well, In the last year, ive travelled quite frequently.. Now if I had to pinpoint a place, that exceeded all my pre made judgments of its greatness, it was the eternal city, Rome. I dont think, ill ever witness as much greatness in one place. Its where past and present meet.