Friday, January 7, 2011

The Meat Grind

No burgers OR hot dogs. Metaphorically speaking. Yeah.  

The first week of the new year is quickly drawing to an end, and here I am... Or should I say, here we are? Yes folks, you read that correctly: The Expat Files now has FIVE followers! Count them and weep! Also, when you're done weeping, get back to reading this post. Please and Thank You in Advance.

(If I ever get ten followers on this thing, I'm starting a religion. Humanity... Consider this your warning).

However, I'm getting off track here. Let's head back to my main point: The new year. 

Culturally speaking, a new year generally means a new beginning, right? Seeing as how I successfully killed it with three out of four of my resolutions for 2010 (I still get panicky around Kuwaitis in large numbers), my ego was feeling rather fluffed and so I decided to really challenge (read: willingly make myself miserable) this year, and set out on conquering a few more goals. They are as follows:
  • Become a vegetarian, and slowly phase into a completely vegan diet - This one of for my health, and because I didn't think I was giving people enough reasons to dislike me. I've been meat-free for almost 10 days now, and I'm feeling good. I'll dedicated a more detailed post to this and the reasons behind sometime
  • Get out of KU - My entire blog is dedicated to this point. Any further explanation will see me jumping off of Kuwait Towers. Seriously.
  • That's it - I apologize for not having more of a life. 

Bullets aside, I can't deny I've been feeling very disillusioned as of late. My first semester at KU comes to an end next Wednesday, and so you would assume I'd happy. Why would I be happy? Well, let's see:
  • I should be happy to have made it through the first three months there.
  • I should be happy to have made it through the first three months there.
  • I should be happy to have made it through the first three months there.
The only downside to that fact would be the fact that I still have semester 2 and the summer semester to get through... AND SCENE. 

I'm done bitching. For now.

This entire charade was just my way of declaring my new meat-less life. Think of it as my way of protesting my time spent at KU, as in I refuse to kill animals to survive if I can't kill the cows I got to school with.

That, and I'm trying to get out of a creative funk.  

    Basking in the after-taste of inspiration,


    Lyric of The Day: "She could kill me, just like she did before..." True Love Way - Kings of Leon

    PS - Have you conquered any goals recently? You know where the comments go.


    1. There has got to be something seriously malfunctioning in the function of "following" because... I have not been notified as a follower of all your new posts!! Is it just me or is that really besides the very point of its existence?! I mean if I'm a follower should I not get a notification or anything? "New post" will do! Anywho... let us not insult the higher power of google much more than I already have... I fear for my life if I mumble so much as one more letter against them.

      All drama aside, I was seriously gobsmacked when I decided on a whim to visit your blog only to see that you have more than five new posts I didn't know about. After the five seconds of shock, hapiness took over as I now had a good reason to procrastinate and get away from my extended essay for a bit. ;D

      Anywho...have I conquered any goals recently... hmm apart from my goal of surviving just one more day each day... not really. My writing has been on a painfully long hiatus and I ahven't lost those 20kg I've been meaning to lose for the past oh I don't know... FOUR years! Apart from that I'm as right as rain.

      My break is over,
      A Citizen of Earth

    2. Dear ACoE,

      Lest I risk the wrath of the Google Gods, I won't mention how much trouble Blogger gives me on a near daily basis. (That was me NOT mentioning how much Blogger makes me want to punch holes through walls.) I try to post a couple of times a week, so if Google is not delivering the goods, just pop by every few days or so. I warn you though; exams are about to start in KU so one of two things will happen: I don't blog, or I do blog because I'm trying to avoid the inevitable.

      We'll see.

      As for your goals, all I can say is you're on the right track. TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME. With IB (and life in general really), anything beyond that is suicide. In terms of the weight issue, once you graduate, you'll have more time and so consider signing up at a gym. Exercise alone will help you tremendously. If you happen to change your eating habits a bit, then even better! However, I know IB + senior year are tough, so just focus on taking care of yourself and making it through your studies. I'll contribute to this effort by blogging and hopefully putting a smile on your face in those dark, dark hours.

      The Expatess