Sunday, January 30, 2011


It's almost February, and foam is illegal this year. We'll see about that...

As you all know, I'm currently on winter break from KU and so I've been taking it easy for the past few days. You know the drill: eat, sleep, cry about your life, eat some more, go to the gym and repeat. What can I say? I'm a party animal. Also, if Kuwait had clubs, I feel fairly confident in saying they couldn't handle me.

However awesome whatever I just implied may be, I digress...

Let's get down to business, and by business I mean let's pick apart the finer points of our Kuwaiti society. (When I blog about Kuwait in a harsh manner, I include myself in the pronouns used. Genius? Yeah, I'd like to think so. I'm still an outsider though).  

Today's target: Wataniya

Before I move forth with this social crusade, I'd like to make a few things clear:
  • I am Wataniya customer myself, so I have earned the right to talk smack about them. 
  • I own neither a BB nor an iPhone. My phone is one of those awesome 5KD phones that doubles as a weapon. Blunt force trauma is your friend.
  • Despite how ridiculous this chat culture has gotten, I neither judge nor condemn those who use it. It is pretty lame if that's how you hook up with people though. Like, whatever happened to Marina mall? Remember that place? Romance is just dead these days...   

The other day I was just laying on my bed and in the midst of a fierce staring contest with my ceiling, I was rudely interrupted by my phone. I had just received a sext text. Me, being the social hermit that I am, there were really only two possibilites as to why someone would text me:
  • Friends want to go out for brunch (RARE).
  • Wataniya sending me another promo SMS (Not so rare.... All the while reminding me how little of a life I have).

Anyways, I received the following twexts (Twext: When you receive more than 1 text at a time. Think obsessive boyfriend... Or Wataniya. Copyright pending):

First in Arabic (You have no idea how long it took to type this up. The things I do for you punks... Also, it's slightly jumbled because of format, but you get the picture.)

دردش على راحتك و تواصل مع أصدقاء جدد مع WCHAT ارسل "دردش" الى 1666 او اشترك عن طريق الواب من موبايلك. للمزيد اتصل على 122.
Then in English (this is where shit gets good),
Be anyone, and chat with everyone anonymously with WChat! To join now, send "WCHAT" to 1666 or login via WAP from your mobile phone. Call 121 for details.


So, what I am to understand from this is that it's NOT okay to socialize with the opposite sex without social stigma, BUT it's TOTALLY cool if I want to spend an entire night talking to strangers? Oh, talking to strangers ANONYMOUSLY? The fact that the "anonymous" angle is the selling point for Kuwaitis is disgusting. The fact that this company supports this disgusts me. The fact that Kuwait is sold as being an "Islamic Nation", despite the blatant bullshit I see everyday disgusts me. 

Seen outside my chemistry class in KU. Ironic? Yes.

Honestly, I don't blame the youth here for being so strange and bizarre. How are they supposed to develop like normal human beings when everything with the opposite sex is stigmatized? (Well, unless it's anonymous and being pushed forth by your phone service provider). I don't give a shit what the Salaf say, interest in the other (or same) sex is normal. What's not normal is oppressing generation after generation of young people, until you're left with nothing but an entire country of sadistic and sexually confused people. All this bullshit, and people wonder why Kuwait's social structure is crumbling underneath its own weight? 

Wataniya, keeping you socially connected and emotionally isolated since 1999.

Feeling the frustration,


PS - How do you feel about Kuwait's "conservative" society being so transparent?


  1. It really is absurd how telecommunication companies goto unethical measures to get more bling out of people's pockets.

    This being one of them, of course most guys will go for the opportunity, not knowing best case scenario is ending up with an insecure ego dipped midget who finds guys with a hairy back hot. Those chat texts most likely cost more than a normal SMS by the way.

  2. Wow! Just fucking wow. Who are you? (psst..posting anonymously..u have no idea how scared i am)

  3. Kuwaitiful - This kind of oppression pushes people, especially those with self-esteem issues, to doing some very questionable things. It's sad.

    Anon - *Bows*. Now, tell me who you are and why you're scared of me.

  4. So i am done reading all your posts, started since yesterday when i stumbled upon it. It was like smelling fresh breathe after all that fart(..u knw food blog and like..). You are an excellent writer and 1st one in kuwait i have come across who could complete a sentence without any mistakes.That said, it's the thought process in your writing which i admire. You appear bit melancholic(that's the biggest 5 or more letter word i am allowed to use ;-p) yet optimistic. Keep blogging...

  5. Well, you certainly took my breath away with your kind words. Thank you so much, and I'm glad you're enjoying the blog.

    Also, take a closer look at my banner.

    Born in the US and raised in Canada, I've only been schlumming it here for a little over two years. I'm barely Kuwaiti. :p