Friday, July 1, 2011

Sin + Mmms

How do I do it? I don't know, but you can ALWAYS add a bit of Gaga if you try.

Not to sound ungrateful or stuck up, but I rarely ever receive gifts that I like. Not to say that I don't appreciate and cherish the things my friends and family pick out for me, but it's just that generally miss the mark. Sure, earrings or a necklace would make any girl happy, but only if they truly appeal to your aesthetic. Granted, I'm still figuring out my aesthetic but I've made enough progress to know what I don't like and most of the gifts I receive fall under that category.
One recurring theme with these tokens of appreciation has been hearts. Not in the literal sense, though. That would just be creepy. Anyways, whether it's stationary, jewellery, or thematic makeup the concept surrounding these gifts has consistently been cardiac related. At first, I thought it just meant that it should only make sense the people closest to me wouldn't realize that the last thing I'd want is heart-shaped stud earring if I wasn't being my true self around them. In an effort to try and represent myself as someone I'd find interesting, as opposed to as someone who reflected the things she found to be interesting, I had left the masses misinformed. 
Now that we have the lengthy and sloppy explanation of this piece out of the way, let me share how I've manipulated (understood?) this recurring theme into something I can mold for my benefit. What I'm saying is that I think life is meaningless, but it doesn't mean that I don't still try to give it some meaning from time to time.  
There I go being clever again.
These people I love, despite never having the chance to see the real me, time and time again, give me their hearts. Or, at least sizable pieces of them. They don't realize and I don't always know it, but its true. Disregard the material aspect of gift-giving; any time you reach out to someone else by extending a part of yourself, something that says "Hey, I thought about you" you realize what a truly beautiful and mystifying thing thing love really is.
(I still don't want any of it though.)  
Buffing those pearls, 


  1. i bought her a hand made amber studded necklace made from recycled sterling silver with something personal engraved at the back.

    and all i got back was a broken heart torn asunder.

    i wonder : what do women do with items of affection?
    specially from lovers past?

  2. I think the gift is a lot more about the giver than the receiver. We put a lot of thought into it, sure. But we always end up giving the person something that WE like, something that WE would like to receive. Rarely giving any thought of it into the other side of the equation except the "is it good enough?" question. I still hope you like that book I gave you. <3

  3. I will never look at hears the same way again... thanks to The Big Bang Theory :P 'The valentines heart is based on the shape of a female buttocks bending over'

  4. People just fail to try and search for what best mesmerize the person they are gifting. instead they just seek for whatever is easy to give.

  5. Rubber man - Honestly? Such tokens are tossed in the back of our drawers, only retrieved if they flatter whatever we're wearing that day.

    If she didn't appreciate what it meant, doesn't mean she can't appreciate what it is.

    Shelly - I was JUST going to hit you up and let you know how much I loved it! I finished it in about 2 nights and it really brought me back to life. My eternal gratitude is yours.

    R - Haha, those wacky physics nerds sure do have a way of making anything funny.

    Esperanza - You're right, but most of the times the thought itself is more than enough. A gift, is at the end of the day, merely a symbol.