Thursday, July 7, 2011

White Witch

Say what you will, this classic stands the test of time.

There are two type of people in this world. Those will will use all the ice in the freezer without a second thought to other other people in the house, and those who will use it and then promptly refill the icetray.

Which category do you fall under?

Shaking in her boots,



  1. I have another test: you either put the bottle of soft-drink in the fridge after having your fill or you leave it outside. My family consistently fails this test ...

  2. it so happens that just now had a refreshing glass of ice cold 7up with ice, but i neither took all the cubes nor refilled the tray

    so im i in limbo ?

  3. Waqqas - Well played. I appreciate the ego boost.

    Rubber Man - 3awafeee, and I think as a straight man you better get used to limbo.

    After all, life is nothing if not limbo.