Sunday, December 26, 2010

Acapella... Ella... Ella

Her voice (acapella or otherwise) is just... perfection.

Guess what? Just try. TRY! No? Fine...

MIDTERMS ARE OVER! (For now anyways).

What does that mean? Why should you care??? Well, for starters:
  • I now have MORE time to blog (read: bitch) about stuff
  • I can finally sleep without feeling guilty, thinking "I should/could be studying right now..."
  • I have time to style my hair to perfection. Bad hair? I'd rather die.
  • I just have more time, therefore I'm content. Simple pleasures and what not... Meh.
I'll be honest, I winged most of the exams but whatever. I'll just make up the difference come finals, because I'm strategic like that. Or not. We'll see if I'm blogging from Ireland next September. Until then, feel free to hold your breaths, because it WILL happen. If it doesn't... Well, I'm just not going to think about that. Not yet. 

However, I digress... (Been doing that a lot lately) 

I've got yet another biology assignment to do, but I just thought I'd pop by and inform my lovely (albeit silent) readers about what to expect before the new year is upon us. (I'll try to write them all before then, but no promises). These next few posts are going to be a bit more about "me", and a fraction lighter in regards to material/content. I want to end 2010 with a good, positive vibe and so I'll save some of my rants for next year. Cool? Great.

Here's what's next on the docket:
  • What went down in 2010, and what this year meant to me (It's been the best/worst year of my life).
  •  The explanation behind my (rekindled) love for Asalah.
  • My plans/goals for 2011.... JUST KIDDING. I don't make plans, because I'm too busy trying to live life.
  • Why I suddenly began to think (realize?) Kuwaiti  guys are indeed bangin' hot. My take on patriotism, if you will (You should, it's GOOD).
  • If you're still reading this post, I hope -Dear God do I hope- you've realized this whole thing was yet another royal attempt to procrastinate. Who's a winner? I AM! That's right, say my name... 
Craving the sound of your cheers,


PS - What topics would you like to see me blog about?
PPS - If you read my blog, and don't comment, I curse you! I curse you with all my Canadian might... That basically means you get a cookie and a hug. Can't win them all, I guess. 


  1. LOL I'll take the cookie and the hug :) haha

    -your (no longer) silent reader

  2. Oh shit i read the whole thing=/ now i have to comment-.-'...
    I lovvvved the post laffed my ass off xP
    I got an idea for a new post:D ull love it duuuude x)
    Entitled: "you know your a kuwaiti when..."
    Id LOVE to sew wat u come up with=D
    I love you;D (and ill stay anonymous so the "i love you" remains creepy >=) )

  3. Anon 1 - Hi reem. I'll hold good on the cooke + hug, promise!

    Anon 2 - Hmmm... I'm stumped. Tell me who you are so I can give you a shout out!