Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When Two Worlds Collide II

Remember back in August, when my uncanny ability to tie in my Western upbringing with my Eastern background lead me to this conclusion? Since I've got nothing better to do (Well, that's a lie but I don't feel like doing my biology paper right now), I've found yet another silly overlap. This time it's in the form of two baby-faced crooners from two very different corners of the globe. 

American Idol (2008) runner up, David Archuleta
Qusay Hatem Al Iraqi, Hatem Al Iraqi's son

Freaky? You bet. They could almost be brothers.

Upgrading her intellectual iTunes,


PS - What cultural overlaps have you recently come across?


  1. LOL weird, they look so alike :O

  2. My Mom always used to tell me that there are 40 look-a-likes of each person. I guess I just made these guys' lives easier for them. Only 39 left to go... :p

  3. I totally thought that too, the reason that I am even here lol, i searched on google david archuleta and qusai hatem lol :D