Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas The Night...

December 24, 2010. Christmas Eve.

This would have been the night when my siblings and I would attempt to go to bed, excitedly aware of the fact we would wake up to a mountain of beautifully wrapped presents, courtesy of our dutiful Scottish Godmother. I miss her. I miss the cheesy Christmas movies, the neighbors' crazy decorations, singing in the school Christmas special (I was in choir), but most of all... I miss my home. Canada may not have my family, or most of the people I've decided are family (a.k.a my amazing friends), but it was, and always will be my home.

Sweet memories aside, I wanted to get into the Christmas spirit myself and what better way to do so than to give gifts to those you love? Lord knows I love all my amazing readers, all 3 of them... And so in the spirit of Christmas, I give you the gift of advice. My words, if you will. 
  1. Make today special.
  2. Laugh so hard you cry.
  3. Thank a teacher
  4. Start right now.
  5. Be a hero everyday, minus the dorky cape. 
  6. Follow your heart (Pray and hope your "heart" drives a bad ass car).
  7. Do it for love, not profit. 
  8. Compliment a stranger (Bonus points if you do it on Gulf Road). 
  9. Take all your vacation days (Um, welcome to Kuwait anyone?). 
  10. Listen first, talk second. Then, blog about it.

Knockin' it back,


PS - Those lines were stolen (borrowed?) off my Caribou Coffee cup. Merry Christmas!

PPS - Any advice you think is worth sharing with a Canadian stuck in KU? You know where the comments go.

PPPS - Don't buy Starbucks. They're evil. Allegedly.

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