Friday, December 31, 2010

But Do You "Like" Like Me?

Poked? That's just disgusting. Feel free to lick.. err.. I mean, LIKE me.

This is a momentous day for The Expatess. I almost have more followers than I do fingers (one hand though), and I've decided the branch out and uh.... Join Facebook. Yes, you read that correctly. 

I joined Facebook. I went viral. Again. (This blog counts, right?)


Also, a huge THANK YOU goes out to all who helped (Cookie monsters unite!), and this is me spreading the love by sharing some links they feel should get some exposure:

The things I do for you punks. All four of you.

Digging through her old social graveyard,


PS - Like me! (Shameless, I know).


  1. Sarah . . . or should I say . . . "Mouza" ;p Welcome to the Facebook world and wish you a very happy and wonderful new year 2011 :D

    Now that I'm off twitter, and since we're all on the "shameless" lane of "Like me" on FB, you should "Like me" on Facebook as well :p

  2. You have been royally LIKED by The Expatess herself! Sorry to hear you've left the Twitterverse. :( However, I wish you a fulfilling and wonderful 2011. I hope it gives you everything you want, deserve and MORE!