Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sit The Hell Down

Let's pretend they use these in KU

And listen to my rant. Please & thank you in advance.

Kuwait University opens it's Hell gates in 4 days and counting. Do you see the problem with this? I am not prepared. As I type this, my heart is racing and my head is pounding. I'm playing out several awkward social scenarios in my head on loop, anticipating hellish professors and trying to figure out how far I can make it out of Kuwait before my parents realize that S. isn't home. My guess? Not very far. Kuwait is stupidly small country, with an even stupider and smaller society. Your next door neighbor got a haircut? Check your phone, because I already sent you a text about it yesterday. News spreads that fast in Kuwait. So that means even if I do make it to Bahrain (Which is, let's admit it, an extension of Salmiya), they'll have dragged me back home in time for my first lecture. Great.
Seeing as how I can't escape this social apocalypse, here's my plan for the (HOPEFULLY) one year I will spend as a student at KU. It hurts just typing that last bit.
  1. Speak to no one
  2. Only listen to someone with the power to grade my papers
  3. Play dumb and deaf between classes
  4. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  5. Get a BlackBerry so I can log onto Twitter in between and after classes. Oh, who am I kidding? During class too.  
This system has never failed me. Yet.

Averting her gaze from the almighty coneheads,


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  1. I think its sad that you're letting a building with a name get to you that much, because thats all it is, a building with a name... I loved going to KU to visit friends because I was the only one being myself, the only one winking at the hotties, smiling even walking up to them while my self conscience friends pulled me back. Its fun being able to be yourself anywhere. What ever makes you different from the status quo is your strong point. So chill out.