Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time Flies, Drives, Drinks, and Smokes

And drag races in the desert.... Wait no, that's just me when I pretend I'm a free bachelor in Kuwait. *Sigh*
Anyways, today (September 21) is my two-year anniversary since moving to Kuwait. Realizing I've actually been here two years started my day off on a depressing note (I miss Canada), but I got over it quickly enough when the housekeeper handed me my freshly ironed clothes for the day. It's the little things in life people, the little things....
Here's a list of things I thought were true when I first came to Kuwait:

**Disclaimer: It gets worse as you go down the list. I was young. Well, younger. **
  • Any guy who is nice, courteous and well-groomed MUST be gay - There's nothing wrong with being gay,  but it's just ignorant to make assumptions. 
Favorite show as a kid.
  • Everyone is related to everyone else - It's still kind of true. Don't deny it. 
    Kuwaiti families are *slightly* larger.

    • Nobody buys anything from Kuwait - Anytime I'd ask a girl where she got something (top, purse, etc.), the answer would be "Lundun".*Cue Eye Roll*
    These were EVERYWHERE in high school. Ugh.

    • Everyone is filthy rich - My bad?
    Somewhere, in some desert, near some oil-well, this is real.

    • We're all famous - In one way or another, everyone has an uncle in the National Assembly. Seriously?

    • Marina Prison - I used to think only convicts hung out at Marina. Again, not entirely wrong...

    Reminiscing, cringing and  regretting a couple of things,


    PS - Tell me about anything you once believed was true, only to have time prove you wrong. 

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