Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Ugly Truth

Despite the fact I did my very best to try and deny I was (part) Kuwaiti, it remains that I have always known this truth. While I will forever be Canadian and loyal to the country that gave me more than I could ever give it, I feel that now that they have Justin Beiber I can avert my gaze and focus on trying to shake up things in Kuwait.
My revolutionary plans aside, I've spent some time reflecting upon my childhood and have compiled a list of the clues I so desperately tried to ignore. It seems that you can leave Kuwait, but Kuwait will never leave you. I would know, as I've tried. Ahem.

Top Clues That You're a Kuwaitiya:
  • My childhood fascination with Cabaret and Drag Queens - A little known fact about me is that I've always been very much into makeup and glamor, and I still am to this day.
Cabaret stage makeup

"Kuwaiti-style" Makeup. Yikes.

  • The inner Diva in us ALL - I am, and always have been, a very strong woman. My non-Kuwaiti Mother claims I get it from my Dad's side of the family. The Kuwaiti side of the family. Coincidence?
We are all Oprah, and Oprah is us.

  • The glamor of Chai - The last five years have seen a marked rise in the popularity of a drink I have always been aware existed. Hipster S. was sipping on Chai before it was the "It" thing worldwide.
Use you imagination. Google has its limits.

  • Peter the Patriot - It's a very Kuwaiti thing to be patriotic, and while I do share your passion, I am unfortunately loyal to Canada. But, hey, let's all hold hands and sing national songs okay? 
 Can I have both?
 Canadian, Kuwaiti and confused,


Let me know in the comments below if you've ever noticed some overlap between Kuwait and any other cultures you've been a part of.


  1. wow, i thought i was the only one in q8 that was canadian/kuwaiti!
    struggling with my identity for the past 28 yrs! i cant be canadian cuz i love everything about q8 but i can't be kuwaiti cuz i hate the typical q80 mentality

    i totally know what your going through especially with the Chai :p

  2. Let us unite and have rivers of laban and maple syrup course through the streets! :D

  3. yum and eeeew at the same time..oh i'm craving maple syrup now.

  4. LOL! People are so funny when anonymous.