Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer's One Hell Of A Season

How beautiful and serene.
After much deep contemplation and personal reflection, I have decided to approach life from a new angle.
As the this summer draws to an end, I find myself spending lengthy amounts of time reflecting on everything that has taken place, all the way back from June 2, 2010 up to today, September 16, 2010. I can say with all honesty that this has been the strangest summer of my life. Graduating from high school, starting several long-term projects, beginning drafting a novel that I know will never get published.... The list goes on and on. Having spent so much time repeating the same mundane activities over and over again, I feel like something of a zombie. I look alive, I seem alive, but in actuality I really am quite dead.
Kuwait and it's good folk are notorious for their love of leisure, and the summer breaks here run quite a length of time. As of today, I have been in holiday for about 16 weeks, give or take a few. Math was never my strong point. Overall, 16 weeks translates into about four months, and let me tell you it definitely feels like it's been four months. I suppose it has to do with my childhood and growing up (We moved a lot), but now that I finally feel as though I have some stability in my life, I find myself feeling nothing short of stagnant.
Since I know no other methods, I have decided on doing something of a spiritual withdrawal. I plan on avoiding music, my iPod, television and to limit my internet use for the next month. I began this new plan this morning, and I'm doing superbly as evident from this post. Right.

Before I run off for a quickie bout of peaceful meditation, well as peaceful as it can get living in downtown Kuwait, I want you to tell me what you do when you begin to feel out of place or washed out. Do you pray, turn to music, maybe perhaps plan a weekend getaway? Let me know in the comments below, as I am in dire need of inspiration.

 Oohing and aahing whilst stretchming and yawning,


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